Tube T8 Lights

Tube T8 Lights

GES LED T8 Tubes are an ideal energy saving choice for existing linear fluorescent fixtures. Great variety of applicability make the tubes perfect solution for many environments. One of their biggest advantage is the hospital applicability option, suitable for a lot of hospital departments.


• Over 50% energy savings
• No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal
• Emits virtually no UV rays or IR
• Glass – free for safer working conditions
• 3 years warranty



• Instant on, no flicker or buzz
• Fits into existing linear fixtures
• Compatible with instant start ballasts eliminating the need for
rewiring and allows fixture to maintain original UL compliance



• Full light output in spaces with temperatures down to -30˚C
• Perfect for applications with frequent“on/off” switching cycles
• Buildings that desire to be mercury free