Down lights

Down Lights

A revolutionary way to generate high-quality white
light, GES Down lights technology mixes the light from
the highest performing red and unsaturated yellow
LEDs. This approach delivers an exclusive combination
of ≥90 CRI, beautiful light characteristics, and lifelong
color consistency, all while maintaining high luminous
efficiency and no compromise solution.

Construction & materials

• Durable die-cast aluminum housing protects LEDs, driver and power supply. Spring clips resist
heat while providing retention for flush ceiling fit.
• Thermal management system uses integral heat sink to conduct heat away from LEDs and
transfer it to the plenum space for optimal performance. LED junction temperatures stay below
specified maximum when installed in non-insulated ceiling applications. Not for direct burial in
• One-piece polished aluminum lower reflector redirects light while also conducting heat away
from LEDs. It creates a comfortable visual transition from the lens to the ceiling plane.

Optical system

• Unique combination of reflective and refractive optical components achieves a uniform,
comfortable appearance while eliminating pixelation and color fringing. This ensures
smooth light patterns are projected with no hot spots and minimal striations.
• Components work together to optimize distribution, balancing the delivery of high illuminance
levels on horizontal surfaces with an ideal amount of light on walls and vertical surfaces. This
increases the perception of spaciousness.
• Deep set diffusing lens shields direct view of LEDs and provides more precise optical control
with greater visual cut-off.


• Aluminum alloy housing material, electrostatic coating, compact design
• Unique heat sink design, enlarge heat dissipation area by effectively
utilizing the contour of lamp body
• Ensure low temperature for LED operation
• High quality PMMA cover, high light output, soft light, without glare
• Various power and specifications for options



Down light can be widely used in commercial and residential buildings and offices.

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