Bulbs and Candles

Bulbs and Candles

GES LED bulb delivers beautiful, warm 2700K/6500K incandescent – like light for the living spaces in your home. GES LED bulb looks and lights like a traditional 3W incandescent bulb, but uses up to 80% less energy and is designed to last 25 times longer.
Delivering 240 – 1000 lumens, each step of light output is distinct and visible to the naked eye. Plus, unlike traditional incandescent 3W, you can use the GES LED bulb in any orientation.

What makes them great?

• Uses at least 80% less energy than an incandescent
• Built to light and last
• 50 000 – hour lifetime compared to about 1,000 hours for typical incandescent
• Dimmable with most standard dimmers
• Instant – on light
• Mercury free – provides better environment
• 3 years warranty

Finding an affordable LED bulb that looks and lights like an incandescent is a challenge. Only GES
LED bulbs look and light like an incandescent and are priced significantly lower than comparable
LED lighting. Made with a glass bulb like an incandescent, the light from GES LED bulbs comes on
instantly and is omnidirectional. That means beautiful all – around light for your home.

The GES LED bulb looks and lights even more like a light bulb. It works just like you would expect
it lights instantly and emits a warm, omnidirectional light using just a fraction of the energy of a
traditional incandescent while lasting about 25 times longer. The new GES LED bulb is now constructed from durable, shatterproof plastic and aluminum — making it even more affordable so it pays for itself even quicker and will continue paying you for years.



• High quality standard
• Save electricity bill
• RoHS compliant
• No UV or IR radiation
• Shockproof and vibration proof
• Reduce re – lamp frequency
• Save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently



All types of households, offices and commercial lighting projects.