Strip Lights

Strip Lights

With its unique design, LED strip lights havemany benefits and features that other kinds of LED lighting products could not be compared with. They are ordinarily used to create specific lighting effect, because it’s easy to be installed in long-distance and narrow spaces. It creates an effect known as “layering” which could promote an additional sense of drama.


Flexible LED Strips have adaptable designs and are brilliant with light scenarios. GES’s LED Strip Lights are ideal for the accentuation of building areas or for highlighting products. The pliable and splittable LED continuous lighting strips can for example provide accent lighting for bar counters or restaurants, can illuminate handrails in stairways or display goods especially well in retail shelving. Further ideal applications are cove lighting and the accentuation of facades.

The LED Strips are extremely flat and can therefore be simply installed in tight spaces. If they are combined to seamless lighting strips than longer lenghts can be continuously illuminated without shadows.


• Flexible and splittable LED strip
• Seamless light without shadowing
• Self-adhesive rear for simple mounting on many surfaces
• Very long for seamless bands of light
• Large selection of light colors
• Great design freedom thanks to flexibility and cutability of module
• Simple mounting and connection
• Toolless connection with the optional



LED Strip Lights are mainly used for indoor-outdoor lighting,
bars, clubs, architectural lighting and accent lighting.