Flood Lights

Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights can be defined as high-intensity, broad beamed artificial lights used to illuminate outdoor areas. Usually, they are used in playing fields while a sports event is being held during low light conditions. They can also be used during an outdoor function that requires a lot of lighting.

Large companies, industries and organizations use them during the night to illuminate their compounds. Understanding how they work is the only way an individual can know why they are efficient.

LED Flood Lights have lamp housing. It is a plastic or metal container that prevents light from spilling in unwanted directions and serves as a body for the entire instrument. It consists of the entire exterior except for the opening or lens. The housing has been designed with certain elements that help with heat reduction while increasing the efficiency of LED lights. Current housings are made using die cast metal since it allows for a single, lightweight body that is more economical to use and produce.

GES’s ever-growing range of flood luminaires provide the perfect basis for creative lighting design. The luminaires are equipped with efficient technology to achieve maximum economy and reliability, even in tough weather conditions. Ease of maintenance, extremely robust materials and excellent workmanship add up to long life products that retain their value and the high quality that GES customers have come to expect.


• Extremely durable and efficient
• Die-cast aluminum housing
• Watertight cord grip
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Huge energy and rebate savings
• 3 years warranty



Flood LED Lights are mainly used for outdoor lighting,
parking lots, sport arenas, airports, etc.