Solely dedicated, the team is comprised of talented lighting industry engineers ready to support fixture manufacturers in the integration of GES LED Modules into their finished products. Engineering team offers support, analysis and evaluation for key integration issues.

LED is really here to stay and is already delivering breakthroughs in regular lighting applications.
And what currently are still unthinkable lighting applications will soon become reality. The GES Modules LED portfolio is already today, and will also be tomorrow, the LED Module range for an extensive variety of applications.

High Quality of White Light

GES LED Modules have been leading the way when it comes to LED lighting. Continuous upgrades have allowed improvements in the three critical measures that determine quality of whitelight: color-rendition (CRI), color consistency and beam uniformity.

Leading in Energy Efficiency

New generations of GES LED Modules are introduced every nine to twelve months applying the latest innovations in LED technology that will maintain consistency in light output, but that aim to deliver even lower energy consumption versus the previous generation.

Future-Proof System

The vision of GES Module LED Systems are constant innovation within fixed dimension formats with fixed optical interfaces.

Future-Proof System

Extensive researches and testings are done prior to market introduction, but also during the lifetime of the products. It is a legacy of pioneering expertise that has led to GES becoming one of the leading drivers of the LED lighting industry’s standardization activities.


• Unique design, high brightness, waterproof
• Fully automatically produced by machine, good quality, fast delivery time
• Each module can be cut, good heat sink
• Long life span, 2 years warranty



LED Modules are suitable for lightboxes, channel lights, signatures, ect.