Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Modern and simple design is the main feature for these ceiling lights. They provide high uniformity light. Integration design is convenient for maintenance.
The newest LED lighting source offers us a slim and elegant ambient environment and guarantees our high-quality life.

Lighting design is about personalisation. Any given room in your house will have its own unique characteristics, as will the person designing it, and with the right ceiling light you can accentuate both. Design should also be functional, which is why it is important to get to know your fitting and learn how to use ceiling lights in the home.
The new GES LED Ceiling range delivers the advantages of LED technology in surface mount ceiling luminaires. These are an ideal replacement for older incandescent, eco halogen or fluorescent based oysters. The LED light sources used are up to 80% more energy efficient versus traditional light sources. Using LED allows a stylish slim line design only 50 mm thick for a clean, unobtrusive installation. LED delivers longer life than conventional light sources with up to 15,000 hours of hassle free light delivered instantly in a soft uniform manner via durable, yellowing & chip resistant acrylic diffusers.
GES LED ceiling lights come in all shapes and sizes and warm white or cool white color temperatures, with high-quality fittings available for any type of room. Whether you have a stately home or a terraced house, you can use these lamps to good effect.


• Adopt high brightness SMD 2835 as light source
• High intensity PMMA and large viewing angle
• Driven by alternating current, constant power output



Ceiling LED Lights are mainly used in meeting rooms,
offices, hotels, homes and all indoor areas.