LED Display

Upanel HD138″
1. Bezel-free native 1080P, 4K and customized resolution LED videowall system.
2. Ultimate visual performance with 16 bit grey scale, 3840 Hz refresh rate and 3000:1 contrast ratio..
3. Supporting multiple signal inputs.
4. Low power consumption, environment friendly.
5. 24/7 reliability, 100,000hrs life span at
Ultra HD LED display
UTV2.5 / UTV1.9 / UTV1.6 / UTV1.2 / UTV1.0 / UTV0.8 / Upanel HD138″ / Upanel HD165″ /
Glass-free 3D LED display
HD 110 inch TV / SD 110 inch TV /
Rental LED Display
Utile Series / Upad Series /
Outdoor Fixed LED display
UMeshSeries / UFixSeries / UstormSeries /
Indoor Fixed LED display
F4-i / F6-i /
Creative LED display
Uglass LED display / Usphere LED display /

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