High Power Injection LED Module

High Power Injection LED Module is the newest product serie, specially designed for the big lighting box. Adopts a wide angle backlight technology, the angle is more than 160 degree, which reduces the amount of modules for using and achieves a more economical solution for sign makers. It is using 12/24V DC constant voltage input. Its waterproof performance is IP65. The power factor is 0.9pf.

PVC LED Module

PVC LED Module is our hot-sale serie, because it’s more competitive in the world market, which attracts lots of potential big global buyers. Adopts anti-static, has UV-resistant PVC shell and strong weather ability. Its good quality glue cover achieves a good waterproof function. With PE foam double adhesive tape on the back it’s very easy to be install. Adopts high brightness wide angle more than 120 degree, low light decay SMD LED for package. Its optical design of high standards ensures spot-free. Its using 12V DC constant voltage input. The power factor is 0.9pf.

Injection LED Module

Adopts high brightness LED as a light source, no light spot, low decay and good consistency. It has injection outer cover, beautiful and unique appearance, protection rate IP65 and is easy to install. The power factor is 0.9pf.