Flood Lights

Portable Series

Beautiful design, portable, with optimized optical and thermal function. They’re energy saving lights, environmental protectors, have low voltage, are easy to control, have long life, with no UV. They adopt highpurity mirror matt aluminum reflector with high reflectivity.

Artemis Wall Mount Family

Artemis Wall Mount Family have uniform luminance and are glare-free. They have built-in chimney effect thermal management system with self-cleaning effect and reliable performance.

Artemis Family

Artemis Family Flood Lights are made from aluminum alloy and have high corrosion resistance and also weatherresistance. They have patented removable-module design for power variation and mounting bracket with marker for angle adjustment.

IP65 Flood Series

This is the very latest in low energy high quality ultra slim design outdoor Flood Lights. This LED Flood Light gives a bright daylight white (pure white) light. These LED Flood Lights are also instantly bright with no warm up time just like a standard halogen flood light.

High Power Series

High Power LED Flood Lights have 400W HPS/ MH equivalent daylight white, which replace 400W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 150W LED. They save over 60% on electricity bill of lighting. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency, and they save labour cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan.